Relaxing Music as an Alternative to Medications

It is believed that the ancient Greeks had this notion that music is powerful enough to heal not only the body, but also the soul. It’s quite hard to believe that with the countless innovations, people are still using such an old method of healing their injuries and illnesses. Based on a recent study, it is believed that a person’s pain tolerance is higher when he is listening to relaxing music. The benefits of listening to relaxing music are as effective, if not even more, than the traditional method of medication.

Music & Stress Management

Doctors have been using music as therapy for a number of years already. It is such a powerful method because it allows a patient to be calm during times in which he is suffering from pain. It serves as a distraction; instead of focusing on the pain, a patient gets his attention diverted towards the music that he’s listening to. A study also confirms that music does indeed lessen the pain that is felt by a patient.

How can Music Marginalize the Pain?

Our bodies have sensory channels that are activated when listening to music. These sensory channels prompt people’s emotions and mental attention to stave off pain. Our bodies have a reduced physical response and an increased tolerance when listening to music. Of course, the effects of listening to relaxing music will differ from one individual to the other. Their anxiety levels and capability on focusing play a crucial role.

Doctors Use Music on Mainstream Illnesses

The use of music in the field of medicine has become widely accepted that it has become a niche. It has been utilized for a variety of illnesses, and even those that are considered incurable. Music may not fully heal a person right away, but it can alleviate the pain that one is undergoing. Some doctors make use of music in helping patients with:

The blood pressure levels of those that have cancer are increased when listening to music. Patients that are receiving chemotherapy or taking prescription drugs are aided tremendously by relaxing music. The chances of insomnia, nausea and vomiting are lessened.

People’s emotions are altered by simply listening to music – that’s a given. It’s the main reason why music is used to lift up the mood of those who have AIDS. This is really important because those that have that type of illness are susceptible to depression.

Alzheimer’s Disease
The majority of the elderly are victims of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). This is where music comes in; it helps those that have AD because their rhythmic cues are still very much intact. Listening to relaxing music can help them manage their stress and avoid difficulty in sleeping.

No Prescriptions Needed

The beauty of using relaxing music is that there is no need to go to the pharmacy. It is likely that what you’re looking for is found in your music collection. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re listening to, as long as the type of music is familiar, relatable and impactful. Regardless of your age and illness, listening to music can be your daily dose of medicine.